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Pop-Up Exhibition in Soho New York



Pixinity transports guests to a captivating universe of 10 imaginative rooms for an unforgettable, immersive experience. Guests will navigate their way through a futuristic wonderland of fun, colorful spaces that feature more than 100 individual pieces of sculptures, pixel art, emoji-like characters, digital and gaming icons, and computer-inspired imagery.

‘BORN TO SHINE’ is Pixinity's philanthropic collaboration with Autism Speaks, as both share the goal of raising social awareness for those affected by autism. As part of this program, a portion of sales will be donated to support autism research and patients. 


The artist behind Pixinity, Tianyu Qiu, has a family member diagnosed with autism and although they struggle with verbal communication, the two are able to communicate with computers, the internet, and iconographic symbols. In this exhibition, he replicates and creates a digital world for kids, families and all others to have fun and enjoy a fairyland of pixels.


“It is my goal to use Pixinity as a platform for autism awareness and spark a much needed dialogue about autism support,” says artist Tianyu Qiu. “With this in mind, we launched ‘Born To Shine,’ our philanthropic arm that helps and supports autistic children and their families. We are thrilled to be partnering with Autism Speaks, one of the leading autism support organizations nationally, for this exhibit.”


For more information on Autism Speaks, please visit

Artist and Installation Designer: Tianyu Qiu


Timeout New York:

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With odes to the American Pop Art movement and European Futurism movement, “Pixinity: Pop Futurism” will transport visitors of all ages to a creative universe. This exhibition is one of the most interesting things to do with kids in NYC, and it certainly deserves one of the final spots on your summer bucket list. 

-Danielle Valente, Timeout New York

“Pixinity is my artistic expression of our current technological climate and our extreme reliance on social media and digital culture in our daily lives,” the artist said of his first solo installation. “I asked myself what this might look like in the form of an exhibition. How can I interpret this through materials and space? And so, "Pixinity" was created as the ultimate digital playground to show how social media-driven art can be simultaneously meaningful, playful and critically engaging.”
-Tianyu Qiu

Pixinity is more than just fun and games to Qiu. While the exhibit highly encourages all of its guests to goof around and have an amazing time, Qiu created the pop-up for a greater purpose. Partnering with the nonprofit organization Autism Speaks, Pixinity’s main objective is to raise awareness about people living with autism under its moving BORN TO SHINE program. The talented and determined artist opened up to Music & Mojitos in an exclusive interview about what his exhibit personally means to him and his family.

-Music and Mojitos

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