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Unexpected--Painting A Day

Nov. 14, 2015
Nov. 23, 2015
Nov. 11, 2015
Nov. 12, 2015
Nov. 9, 2015
Nov. 10, 2015
Nov. 1, 2015
Oct. 31, 2015

Land Mark

This installation is an experiment workshop series that I am creating in many different preserved natural parks. This is an exploration on finding a middle point between nature and Man-Made site, which is considered a contridiction or a conflict of two opposite things. The action of using white tape to wrap around the trees is related to the action of preserving and healing, but also it's another way of changing its original look, and an action of containing the life of nature. This action itself becomes contradictory. 


To work with nature in this way, it is following the path of Life, or the way of Daoism. I am initiating a dialogue between the contridictory forces in the universe. In my understanding, if anything need to be preserved, then it must be lost; and containing is an action of repression, but the repression can be a way to create new life. 

Sound by Jake Harper (Banrei)

Installation by Tianyu Qiu

Zhou b Art Center

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