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Game I

GAME I is a performance of me conducting chess playing with a participator for a few minutes per performance. However, the checkers and the chess board are all transparent and made out of clear acrylic.


The position of a duel game will shift immediately after the game starts, because both players will be confused about the possession of their own checkers since they all look the same. The process of playing becomes a chess-removing game, that the winning is not only checking the king, but also remove all the chess off the board. The performance can be can start and end at any point of the game as the participators are willing to. I would also turn the table around randomly, and play each other's games, which encourages people to constantly thinking in other people's perspective. 


The impetus of this piece is to reflect the current state of international political situations in the time of imminent instability and prominent distrust among people, which the performance is to tear down the rivalrous and distrust relationship, and to embrace differences in the community. The minimal performativity and restraint is offering a quest to rethink the relativity of winning and losing in current conflicts around the world. 



Bronx Museum of Arts,

Queens Museum

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