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Fragmented Reality

Location: New York

Video, Video installation

3D animation



Fragmented Reality is a body of video animation works consists of four videos. Each of the four videos is showing a corner of a large digital matrix system, which consists of 100 blocks, a 10 x 10 matrix. Each block is a fragment and surfaced by maps images imported from Google Earth locations, where some major political events or conflicts have happened that hit headlines by different media outlets from different countries/regions. However, based on where the news outlets are and their political representations, the narratives of the same event have been totally shaped differently, sometimes even contradictory and controversial to each other. One could believe in one side of the story over the other depends on, where one lives and what information is presented, or even what one chooses to believe. The reality we live in is a huge fictional reality, where no one know for sure what’s the truth. The satellite map images are believed to be the best representation of reality that exists in the digital realm. However, how much do we know about the events or histories that have happened in these places? How much of the “Free” tool has been backed by large private enterprises and governments for financial and political purposes? The way we learn information has been somewhat fabricated by social media algorithm, technology and media outlets to achieve a manipulative purpose. The goal of Fragmented Reality is to depict a fictional dystopia that’s part of our reality, and let the viewers think and decide what they see and believe.  

Video 1.00_00_43_05.Still001.jpg


Video, 3D animation, 49 sec, 2022


Video, 3D animation, 49 sec, 2022


Video, 3D animation, 40 sec, 2022

Korea Peninsula

Video, 3D animation, 41 sec, 2022

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