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Drawing & Painting


Tianyu Qiu Studio

Material: Dust, Charcoal Dust, Foil, Gesso, Resin on Panel



Tianyu Qiu Studio

Material: Dust, Charcoal Dust, Foil, Gesso, Resin on Paper and Wood Panels



Three Days

Tianyu Qiu Studio

Material: Dust on Paper, Performance


Duration: 3 days


I spent three days in my studio, and did all my works and cleaning on a sheet of 16'x4' paper, which the foot prints and traces that I left on there meant to be the remanence of my activities and my existence. Drawing refers to its historical meaning as a way of study for painting and illustrations for storytelling. The remanence of the performance and narration is held by the paper, and existed as a form of drawing. 

Day Painting

Tianyu Qiu Studio

Material: Watercolor on Paper, Performance



Unexpected--Painting A Day, 2015-2016

Embracing limitation is also a form of releasing repression, due to the loss of hearing on my right ear, it inspired me to make a body of paintings called UNEXPECTED. I make one painting each day, record the process, and upload online, which is influenced by On Kawara’s DATE PAINTINGS. I force myself to lose the sense of sight with black tape covering my eyes, each paintings is made by my hands to evoke the sense of touch with the surface and the paint. What I wanted to present was not a peculiar technique but a tangible idea to confront the feeling of losing my sense of hearing, relying on the sense of touch and smell to express my dynamism in a positive way, which are documented and presented in both physical and virtual spaces.


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Nov. 14, 2015
Nov. 12, 2015

Tianyu Qiu Studio

Material: Acrylic, Gesso, Aluminum Foil on Canvas



“Drawing is to leave marks on a two-dimension space,” said Richard Serra. To react that statement, I started a series of paintings called Void, I spent weeks to build the surface with aluminum, resin, and white gesso, then I applied black paint on the uneven surface with my hand, which paint becomes the subject matter that runs freely into the concave part without much control. On the controversial side to Richard Serra’s comment, the marks are also created by the influence of the surface, and it challenges the definition of drawing in modern art history. 

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