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Unexpected--Painting A Day, 2015-2016

Embracing limitation is also a form of releasing repression, due to the loss of hearing on my right ear, it inspired me to make a body of paintings called UNEXPECTED. I make one painting each day, record the process, and upload online, which is influenced by On Kawara’s DATE PAINTINGS. I force myself to lose the sense of sight with black tape covering my eyes, each paintings is made by my hands to evoke the sense of touch with the surface and the paint. What I wanted to present was not a peculiar technique but a tangible idea to confront the feeling of losing my sense of hearing, relying on the sense of touch and smell to express my dynamism in a positive way, which are documented and presented in both physical and virtual spaces.


More videos on YOUTUBE, please follow my youtube chanel at


Nov. 14, 2015
Nov. 23, 2015
Nov. 11, 2015
Nov. 12, 2015
Nov. 9, 2015
Nov. 1, 2015
Nov. 10, 2015
Oct. 31, 2015
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